Add Title And Vodka

There has always been something about titles, hooks, and brainstorming for something I am writing that really overwhelms me. In fact, many things used to overwhelm me an overwhelming amount.

I also used to fret agonizingly over arranging things, putting things in an order. Anything that began to move me away from the entropy which was my life overwhelmed me.

Now when I sit here and read that sentence back to myself, I’m like, “God, I hate that fucking shit but it’s so true”. Then I’m like, “I sure am grateful I learned about the actual state of my being and how to jump into the vortex”.

So the other day I somewhat unintentionally jumped into the vortex while I was in the shower. I stood there for several minutes letting the lazy water with the low pressure land on my back so lightly that if I hadn’t been in the vortex I would have been thinking about and feeling pissed about it but I wasn’t this time.

Raise your hand if you know anything about the laws of physics regarding this planet and our atmosphere. If you raised your hand, ‘AWESOME’!!!! I honestly can never think of a more fascinating subject, and I’ve honestly been going hard, lately, because I AM A MASTER MANIFESTER. I always have been, the problem is that I did not realize it so all I ended up doing was manifesting my worst fears….repeatedly.

I will write about that later because I am not going to do it right now.

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