While l appreciate the meaning of the word, “random”, I can’t stand hearing the word, anymore. Just like, “karma”, it is used way too much and way too out-of-context. So, I say, “modnar”, which is just “random” backwards.

I suppose the point of this particular post is to explain that most of my entries, and by most, I mean all of them, are probably going to be pretty modnar. There is no overarching theme I am trying to express…except unconditional love, I am always trying my hardest to express that. This can be a very difficult task in the world in which we live these days.

I watch gay porn. I am a woman. I am heterosexual, but mostly asexual, but never have I been bisexual or homosexual. Having said that, when I masturbate, I’m watching two dudes fucking.

How was that for modnar?

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