I Drink

I drink so until I stop, many of these posts, are going to be rocket-fueled. Haha…there’s no rocket fuel in my vodka. There used to be, or so I felt, and I LOVED IT.

I did not start drinking until I was 39 years old. When I say “start drinking” I mean drinking everyday, even in the morning. In fact, the 7 years before I “started drinking” at 39, I did not drink at all. Not one drop of any alcohol did I drink. I never wanted to drink, I did not crave it and I didn’t. It was easy.

I don’t know why but one day at the age of 39, I went to the grocery store and I bought a bottle of Kahlua and a fifth of Absolut. I took my purchase home grabbed some milk from the fridge and made myself a White Russian. It was delicious. And now that I think of it, I do know why.

My husband had just moved back in after not living with me and the five kids for several years. He left in February 2009, after I went to the gyro and was positive for an STD called, Trichomonas. Thank God, it was a “run-of-the-mill” STD, it was easy to cure. I only had to take one pill. I remember the doctor and the nurse asking/telling me repeatedly to not drink. At the time, I DID NOT DRINK, so to say I was getting pissed at how many times they were saying that to me is an understatement.

I am pretty sure that most everyone drinks these days. My God, before I quit watching tv again, Hoda and Kathie Lee were finding like two days (very early mornings) a week on the “Today Show”, to sample wine.

Can I say I think that’s hilarious, too? That most nobody minds you drinking in the morning, as long as it’s wine. When everyone should know damn good and well, vodka gets the job you’re using wine for done much, much more quickly, with invariably better results, and probably everyone who is drinking wine are really lying and drinking vodka….mixed with wine?


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