Probably not that long but still long

So I know I can’t be the only person who watches porn and feels sorry for the guys with the big, huge, long cocks.  And then if they’re super-girthy, too?  OMFG.  They never get a mouth all the way down the shaft. Not that I’ve seen, anyway.  Gay porn maybe I’ve seen it a few times but literally only like 2 girls I’ve ever seen who could put their lips around a ruler with the diameter of coke can and be able to kiss the base and kiss the base and kiss the base…

I just meditated. Now I am watching “Vampire Diaries” season 5, episode 11 for at least the  eleventh time.  I don’t what it is but I have a crush on both of those Salvatores’.  I think if it came down to it…I would say I’d fuck Damon but I think it’s Stefan I really want inside of me. I’ve  seen Damon’s real life wife but I haven’t seen Stefan’s and that probably has a lot to do with my decision. 

Katherine is about to die, again…and I think she’s also about to jump into Elena’s body.  Seems like I should remember but yep I’m right. Shit. 

Doppleganger shit.

I wish I knew how to hook a live stream to this blog for free but I don’t and even if I did I probably would turn it on and then freak out and either say nothing at all or bunch of stupid shit.

My mind went blank I  think I’ll ps4 and then smoke some weed and then meditate.  It is 6 minutes to six right now so lets see how long that takes.

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