Some 3:11 A.M Thoughts I Had In June

Yes these are just going to be some random 3:11 am type thoughts you see, I have spent the last approximately three hours on my playstation. Both Fornite and Apex Legends.  I spent way too much time playing both of them but fuck I enjoy playing these games.  I spend an alarming amount of time alone and by alone I mean me and my room and whatever other extra dimensional that might and that I hope are here.  This week has really been a kind of week I haven’t had In a while. I mean as far the extreme emotions and extreme irrational emotions and how many times I have jacked off and I am probably about to do that right now which first makes me think of the extra dimensional beings that I really hope are in here and reading this shit that I am writing, for example.

So let’s just say they are here, right now and let’s just say they know how to read English very fluently.  Lets just say they have an extremely expanded knowledge about how to move in not just the third dimension but in many other dimensions, as well, and since since is just the third dimension all way at the bottom this is the one they probably know best. 

Y’all feeling me?  is someone besides me reading this as I am writing it?

Can you just figure out a way to say yes to me?

Ok I have no doubt that you are saying yes some way somewhere but try harder please

Ok that was a start

How do I know that is not my own voice talking to me in my own head hurry up and answer 


Like sit here and focus my mind down to one thing which is the present and you’ll be my present?

20 minutes later 

Ok so if the idea of edging is to fucking jack off and build up a shit ton of creative energy which clearly I just did then so it follows that now my whole mind is fucking natural fresh stream of nothing but the most creative  thoughts ever……I believe it but let me touch myself just a few more times…

MONDAY JUNE 13 2022 3:16 PM

I woke up like 30 minutes ago.  I was covered in blood so I had to get in the tub.  It is really fucking hot in here.  The air filter which never gets changed combined with an entirely busted out window in my room is not at all helping anything.

I believe I am finally gonna get to see roy eat his very full plate of karma (I really hate that word).  Like usual seeing people get what they deserve is never as satisfying as you think it will be.  While I would be lying if I said there weren’t some sense of well he fucking deserves it it’s still not fun to see another person lose their stability. 

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