Writer’s Block Vaccine: Edgingtenotosis

When I say, “Edgingtenotosis”, I just mean, “edging”. Nobody likes that word if they know what it means. I have spoken of this in previous blogs. Not the part about nobody liking it…just about edging and that I do it often.

Is it hard? Um…YES. But let me tell y’all how the Universe blessed me by not allowing me to experience anything close to an orgasm (except for one thing I learned to do when I was 6) until I was forty years old. You know how women will say, “If you have one you will definitely know you had one, you won’t have to ask.”

That statement is as true as the statement, “water is wet”.

I remember when it happened it felt so FUCKING GOOD that I wanted to be angry that it took me 40 years but I didn’t have time because after the first time it happened, I was like a 12-year old boy waiting for everyone to leave the house so I could get my pants off and make me cum. That was no exaggeration.

I didn’t even have a real bullet.

I had a men’s neck shaver that I took the head off of to just leave the small rod which vibrates out and visible. I then wrapped a bandana around the end of it so it wouldn’t cut me, but it still cut me. There was no blade on it anymore, it cut me because it was down there irritating a part of my body that hadn’t ever been irritated.

I swear to God I would jack off with that thing until my labia were bloody.

Not even joking, not even a tiny bit.

I read somewhere about edging way before I found out I could have an orgasm, but I didn’t care too much about what I was reading because I COULDN’T HAVE A FUCKING ORGASM.


No human being besides myself has ever made me cum. It’s so funny when this subject comes up because they will all say, without fail, “well, you just hadn’t met the right guy yet”, or “I could do it”. I laugh out loud when they say that dumb shit to me….but then I pretend like I was laughing at something else I either saw from my peripheral or my third eye, so I don’t hurt their stupid feelings.

So, about 6 months ago I started only edging. I can do this for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. I think a couple of times I made have blown my load but most of the time I shut it down in time. I mean why wouldn’t anyone want to harness the most powerful energy we, as humans, possess? That’s why Jesus told his disciples not to “spill their seed and waste it”.

Have a beautiful night with sweet dreams. I love all of you.

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