Both, Together

I know the things I do and say are contradictory to the way

other people think i should live my life…

and I keep patiently waiting for that one perfect day

when their words don’t dig into me like a carving knife…

I know the deal but I don’t think they do

so they cut me to shreds and lift themselves up on high

I am crucified and they never even knew…

I keep thinking to myself, why?

why don’t they understand the torment?

Why don’t they understand the pain?

Why do they crave dissidence?

Why do they seek to destroy those already maimed?

Does the sight of others in pain give you relief?

Do you get your pants wet observing the grief

of others?

I am really good at retaliating

not very good at masturbating

but I think there are people who do both, together.

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