Patiently Waiting

I wrote this song like eight years ago, right at the beginning of me realizing I am aging. I think most people call it a mid-life crisis, but my whole life has been a crisis so to narrow it down to one point in the middle seems ridiculous to me.

I originally had this song on my first channel which had almost a million subs. One day I was talking to my daughter and her friends about this show on BBC called “Amazing Breastfeeding”, and my first thought was, “OMG, I am satirizing this shit NOW”. And, I did. It became insanely popular but because I had just made a city full of enemies for reasons I’ll speak of in another blog entry, I ended up suing my city, going to Federal Court and fighting for every American’s right to the First Amendment. However, the haters in my city kept flagging my channel and YouTube deleted it.

When YT deletes your channel you better hope you have all of your videos backed up. I did have them backed up except the backup broke. So, for the next two years I constantly emailed YouTube to please let me have this one song back and finally, they let me have it.

I have over 3000 subscribers on my new channel (with the same content) and YouTube will not let me into my channel because I lost the password and I no longer have the phone number I used for the 2FA.


Here WERE my feelings wrapped up in a shitty song with a royalty-free beat. Enjoy!

Also, can I ask to those who would view this and immediately judge me on the clothes I wear or how sexy I am, just don’t. Listen to the fucking song and know that I have spent 2 score and 6 years in emotional agony and depravity and that can make me people do strange things and I DO NOT REGRET ANY OF IT.

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