Just Saying…No Need To Get Offended By Truth

Hey ladies I’m not trying to be mean but there’s something happening that I don’t think you are seeing. Your doctor tells you to put your tits in a machine and you obey once a year but the thing is you’re paying, in more than one price, to probably shed tears and return doc’s advice. The reason is simple and it is this: radiation does not leave your body and it’s not hit or miss. Here is a fact that you can check and see and it’s that mammograms deliver your tits 0.27 mSv. That number refers to the unit of radiation and depending on the element, the time of gestation is never less than about 3 incarnations. That projection was mild at best and if I were you I’d say FUCK THAT TEST. Everyone has cancer scratching their heads why and the answer is simple and the isotopes will quantify. I also hate that they took the whole color pink so that whenever you see it THE ONLY THING YOU THINK

is cancer.


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