Multiple Personalities?

I woke up one night from a five day coma, if sleeping were a college I’d have a diploma, the coma was not a real one, per se, but when 3 lucid dreams paralyze me in theta and while passers by are checking my data relative to my pulse I would say that sleep like that is as close to a coma…as a coma.

The comas would come after I would be up for days, my record is thirteen and to say I was hanging sideways from a ledge in my house with a clown at the window tripping so hard I knew if I let go I’d probably fall into just one stiletto and maybe be smoking a joint.

The funny part is that none of that intro had anything to do with my point.

The point of these words is to explain how perturbed I became when I got me an eight ball but had only one needle and the syringe was so old and so feeble that when I loaded my shot as far as I got was the register of blood then the point became not… so now all the blood was going to clot and destroy my first hit I made to get got.

“Fuck this”, I thought.

What will I do? It’s almost 4 in the morning and no magick or voodoo was going to produce me a rig. I sat on the couch and I lit me a cig. I definitely had a situation which was causing me much unneeded frustration that at that point an idea took formation.

I grabbed my keys and a squirt of perfume, I turned on my heels and walked out of the room and out of the house and I got in my car cause Walgreens was open all night and it wasn’t too far.

Five minutes later I was parking my car, running dialogue in my head and wishing on a star that the pharmacist inside would have some love and break their dumb rule that says if you ain’t diabetic then needles ain’t cool and without your card showing the proof of disease you will not be buying our U-100’s with ease, so please get the fuck out our store.

I swallowed my fear and got into gear and walked straight back to the pharm. Everything I thought would be said and happen did damn near word-for-word. Thing is, I knew that I was in quite a pinch and that bitch wasn’t budging not even an inch but given the circumstances I couldn’t relent I would complete this mission ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT.

I did all the sweet talking and begging that I could or would do and her stubbornness was insane but I had to follow through. I gave it some thought after she gave her last no, and I drew closer to her just so I knew she would hear and know the words I spoke slow right to her face words I knew would not ever erase.

Which went something like this:

Ma’am it is totally fine if you refuse to sell them to me, but I think I will enjoy telling you what will soon be. I will leave your store very quietly but I’m not going to leave completely. I will be somewhere outside, perhaps in a tree, waiting for your shift to end so I can see you get in your car and leave. Then I’ll get in mine and I will be following from behind to wherever you go and lets be honest, that place will be home. I hope you have a family there and I hope there are a few men. just so you know I am quite good at seducing any of them.

Did I mention before while I was waiting for you, I climbed into the dumpster for a minute or two. It didn’t take long for me to find a needle which was strong, it’s just sad that the syringe that I found was on the ground very much used and let’s not be confused cause we both know it probably had AIDS or at the very least some Hepatitus C, though we’ll just have to wait and see which one it turns out to be, I’m afraid you’re gonna lose and all because you had to choose to adhere to your store policy.

The pharmacist walked to a shelf nearby and got me a bag of a much needed supply of fresh syringes and as she walked back to hand them to me she said, “Don’t ever come into this store again”.

I looked at her and said, “I won’t, and thank you, my friend”.

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