The Present Is Mine

I will get right to the edge but I won’t let it go, I almost just did it though. Sometimes stopping is so hard that I hate it. But then after I sit there for a minute two, most the time wondering if half of it got through and I hope that it didn’t and I should’ve stopped quicker but damn that shit was feeling so good and then that thing began ticklin…

So far my alchemy plan is working creating by transmuting the energy I get from my jerking into energy I can use to manifest my goals and the things I think that I want to possess. I am wise to know that the things that I want to possess and the things in which I need are both already here to assess because they were both born from the same seed.

It has taken some years and it has taken some tears it has taken me shaking so many fears but now with the Universe I AM aligned. All the things in my vortex are here and and they’re now with the knowledge they all are most definitely MINE.

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