November 13 and July 10

NOVEMBER 13         JULY 10

For the past few weeks I have had this thought to do a “random” (I use the word random very loosely) birthday tarot reading, in which I pick a day or two out of the year and if that happens to be your birthday and you are reading this then obviously it’s for you.  If somehow this happens and you read it and go “wow” or “omg” or “wtf”, please let me know, as I would really appreciate it.

So here we go:

If your birthday is 11/13 or 7/10,  here is your spread.  It is a three-card spread called, “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”.  Sometimes situations are more complicated than they initially appear; there can be a lot of unseen elements under the surface.  This tarot spread is designed to provide clarity by revealing the true nature of a situation.

1.  The Masquerade…This card symbolizes what appears to be going on: it’s the base card that shows your current perception of the situation

High Priestess (reversed) So, the High Priestess is about intuition, inner knowing, etc….if it’s reversed it is possible whatever situation you are involved in, this thing going on around you or it may be your thing but somehow you are involved and it seems that you are not trusting your gut. Your intuition is speaking to you and you can hear it but you’re choosing not to hear it, or perhaps notice it because the High Priestess speaks to us mostly in signs and pictures and numbers and such…So maybe it’s that she is calling your attention to those things.  Do not ignore them. Do not ignore your gut which is your intuition.  If something feels wrong the feeling of wrong is coming straight from the source which is inside of you. 

2.  The Goblin…This card reveals the hidden aspect of the situation

 The World (reversed)…The World card either upright or reversed is never a “bad” card to get.  It seems that there is a project you have started and you want to complete but you are procrastinating.  There seems to be a blockage.  Also, it could be that you are holding on to something that needs to be let go.  Either way, the card is saying, quit all that slacking and just do what you need to do and get that shit done.  You will feel so much better when that task, whatever it may be, is accomplished.

3.  Wisdom…This card gives you advice to keep in mind when handling this situation

Six of Wand (reversed)…Is your self-confidence low?  If so, why?  It is very important right now (and really, always) that you do not compare yourself to others.  You write your own definition of success.  Did you complete a thing that you’re excited about and is it that the opinions of others have killed your vibe?  Don’t worry about what they say, they’re probably full of crap anyway.  Just believe in yourself and ignore outside opinions.

*Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth” tarot deck was used for this reading.  Any questions can be emailed to

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