What in the Wifebeater?

I woke up today in such a great mood, I feel so good I might even eat food before it is dark…I usually never eat before 10 pm and it’s not cause I’m not hungry because I definitely am, it’s because my engine is turning over but I need the spark…the spark of creativity to come in my vicinity then I can ride the coattails of the divinity which lies inside me and which holds the key to who the fuck it is I am supposed to be. A writer? A reader? A no-good ass cheater wearing a wife beater? Why am I here and what do I do? I’ve got so many ideas but I’ve also got few….I just wish I knew… I want a breakthrough, I buried my talents by the time I was two. Having said that, now I’ll say this, no more do I blame anyone for the abyss of shame and self-contempt. Blaming another does not help at all, in fact, it slows any progress I make to a very slow crawl. I cannot go forward while I look back, and I cannot heal if all that I hear is the soundtrack of a time in my life I cannot change or redact.

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