Gorilla In The Eye

Ok, so here is some truth, and for some psychological reason I never have proof left in the short term group of my eidetic memory the bad shit always goes straight to the back of the long term line and so what happens is that I will remember things but not in good time…for instance I was just talking to a friend of mine, telling the story of how I was called to the emergency room because my two year old daughter was at her grandparents house that one time of the year, people call it easter, I called it my house being clear of 5 little kids I kept all alone, I had no help, their father was gone. He moved out in 2009 after giving me an STD of some generic kind. Anyway, my baby was in the emergency room because someone left her alone in a pantry with poison to consume. The poison I speak of was Gorilla glue and I was told that she put it in her eye and her eye was glued shut and shut so hard that they had to get in the truck and go to the hospital and if you knew my family then you know when one of us ends up there…well, you know it was calamity. As soon as I got there and saw her, well, of course dad had to go, that was super-not surprising, though. The doctors tried and tried but they could not come close to opening her eye. Finally one of the doctors said to me, we can cut off her eyelashes, then probably the eye will resume it’s functionality. I asked the doctor if the lashes would grow back and his answer was, ehhh, I’m not too sure about that. As a mother, what would you do? Would you take the chance of leaving your daughter without an eyelash? Would you chance leaving your daughter to grow up with one eye which would basically be disfigured, I think I did cry. I did not know what to do, what decision to make, but finally I decided I would not let them take not one single lash off my two years olds eye, and then they sent us home leaving me this task to rectify. So as I said in the first part of this narrative, the way I remember the sad things are declarative that my mind will reject and displace anything that my subconscious deems to have strings that will keep me close to it’s contact. It is now twelve years later and I just fucking realized that the glue was only found in only one eye. There was no glue on the rest of her face nor her hands, there was no glue on her shirt or her pants. No glue on her cheek, no glue on chin no glue anywhere else the glue should have been.

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