You Are The Writer

I care not care if you like what I write, and I do understand the shitty hard plight to click that star button there in plain sight. I get it, I get it, I honestly do but I just want to ask you a question or two…like you do understand the way energy moves? You do understand at least the basis of physics, like you get that it’s 100 not unscientific you do know the definition does not include mythic especially when the equations which prove it are no less than prolific….I mean…I see that algebra and it looks hieroglyphic. I don’t understand hieroglyphs, for sure, but I think I’d be able to give a small tour and briefly explain the ideas which stay at the front of my brain cause these things interest me so much they won’t leave they remain…Like thermodynamics are made up of Laws, the capital L speaks of no flaws in the validity because there exists an equation for each one and equations solved eliminate persuasion or any dissent because the things in your life now are the things that you sent. Yes I am afraid it was you who put into motion one thing or two that since their arrival have caused you confusion and maybe it’s that you have come to the conclusion that it’s the others out there who do you wrong never stopping to think, you might need a drink, because you are the writer of your life and this song.

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