A Dream of Shit and I Only Erased Part of It

So I just woke up from a nightmare. It was like one I’ve never had before. This is so embarrassing I want to run for the door but the whole point of this blog is to heal me, so the exit is no more. HERE WE GO:

I dreamed I shat myself. The stuff was in balls it wasn’t wet. I didn’t even know it was there, my exboyfriend who was there was the one to announce it to me. Then when I realized what he said was true I then ran to the bathroom but the showers equipped were not few but all had been dismantled by my ex-husband so full of surprises that I honestly don’t know what, in the dream, it symbolizes.


I couldn’t clean my ass no matter how hard I tried….then appeared these three overweight girls who who were apparently on my side to help me clean the shit from my ass all tangled in my panties, it was almost like they were the gaggle of aunties that I have but then I really do not, my real ones I have treat me like someone who is not.

That’s all I have to say about this dream and if you think this one was weird then you’re definitely a person who grew up in an amicable home……

that line didn’t rhyme with shit and I don’t care.

My God, I am punny.

*I literally wrote as soon as I woke up and as is my nature I pressed “publish” kind of abrupt…so I fixed the parts where the language was askew and here is what’s left all of it true.

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