Early Retrieval

It is nice to finally know what I am after all of these years of honestly thinking my life is a sham. To a large degree I suppose it still is, so I also suppose that whatever happens depends on me, the fucking poetry whiz.

If you just laughed to mock me, bitch, I beat you to it, I can beat myself up better than any half-whit. I learned from the best, my teacher was renowned for being the most vicious motherfucker in town. By being his daughter I was loaded…loaded with things which always imploded and ruined my insides or exploded and destroyed everything outside. So basically, any way I looked, there was no doubt in his head that my future was booked.

And, man was he right. He did his shit textbook style, with surgical fright. The things he sewed into me while I was unaware are things that began to express themselves, mostly in front of signs which said, “BEWARE”.

I was blind to words of that sort, and blind too, were all of those with which I would co-hort. They say birds of a feather and all that crap but the saying is true just like a road map. The map that daddy gave me was quite a trucker, not one that goes anywhere, just a motherfucker and sorry if your mom was a lot lizard that seems better to me than having a dad whose a wizard…..of mischief, revenge, and everything evil a dad who makes you, at ten, pray for an early retrieval.

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