A Tale Of A Young Vagina Clad Boy

A Modern Epic Poetic Saga Drama Which I Will Finish Exactly When I Do….def not today tho (clearly you can see the scheme which while not hard is also not a thing that I’m killing myself to do but if I’m getting this out I’m going to do it as eccentrically as I can, I started it as a Dactylic Hexameter but nope nope it’s just gonna have be a pentameter cause I really am that intelligent yet equally lazy(er) have no doubt. and the thing is I’m writing this for me but if anyone happens to find it interesting every last detail is true and you ain’t read any of the good shit yet.

I had no mother until six years old
By the time we met it was much too late
stepmother came and took over her place
We never became close; such was our fate

I remember the day I met my mom
I was scared to death but excited, too
No photo of her had ever been shown
Talk of mother was a thing not to do

Her name was Sue and that is all I knew
I never could picture her face or hair
I tried really hard; it just wasn’t there
I never did ask; they never did care

I thought of her often but didn’t tell
I was just two but I did travel through
my (un)fair share of  guilt trips bout Sue and
I hated hurting anyone’s feelings

I was a fucking infant for christ’s sake
Why did my dad think it ok to take
Sue’s baby for no rhyme and no reason
Maybe he thought it was kidnapping season

Well, dear daddy, I totally get that
I married a man who is just like you
He took our three babies and they’re still gone
Kidnapping season missed not just by you

Post-Kidnapping….I’m the one there in the middle with no mom or family or bi-pedal ability, I look happy, though. The kid holding me now shares a break room coffee pot with the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon….the story gets weird, I promise.

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