WordPress Used to Be Good

Personally I think it sucks that it takes so many bucks to write a blog that stays tucked at the bottom of the blogosphere. Ten years ago this was not the case WordPress was free and absolutely the place to go and write with plenty of space for pictures. I was just looking at a chart at the annual growth of WordPress apart from the other sites and it seems to me that the growth has made greed in the owners or board of directors which have been consumed to exceed in an effort to satiate an expanding need of the aforementioned greed. They advertise with words that say MONTHLY but that is not true, because 12 months not one are what is due if you want to have a blog that gets any views. Just makes me sad how horrible and bad corporations who clad themselves with notable titles and dance in recitals not of ballet but of lies. Lies like the one that says if you buy the premium for this really high price you get all these plug-ins, 47,000 to entice so you go and you blow all the money you got and try to plugin then find WordPress forgot to mention they won’t let you in them unless you also pay them for an unmentioned upgrade that now you can’t afford.

And look here’s the truth and I’m not even going to rhyme it at least not intentionally but there is literally no reason for anything to cost anything. Everything we need or want could be free. Why isn’t it? We are all trapped in this hegemony and it seems like there is no exit but there is, we just have to love each other enough to find it. Otherwise, 2030 looks pretty fucking dark and scary, good thing by then I will have mastered the quantum leap. You should consider mastering it, too. Seriously, it’s not bullshit, just science…science with matching fucking equations….

2 thoughts on “WordPress Used to Be Good”

  1. Athena…just so you know…your name is my favorite name ever it is in fact one of my alter Egos and has been since I was 18. Athena reminded me of me…. No mother…born from the side of Zeus’s head. She was nothing but a BAD BITCH. thank you for being a fan and I Hope you see this I’ve tried to follow you but I can’t for some reason. ❤️


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