Random Birthday Tarot

December 22

March 4

September 16

July 24

July 12

June 13

February 24

August 19

If your birthday falls on one of those dates above and you are reading this, chances are pretty dead on that this is for you.  It’s a spread called, “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”.  It is a 3-card spread which is as follows:

1. The Masquerade   This card symbolizes what appears to be going on; it’s the base card of your current perception of the situation

      6 of Pentacles     If you got it, share it.  This card is an invitation to benevolence.  Oppositely it’s also a card telling you to ask for something if you need it.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  I mean…unless you have a raging drug or gambling addiction, then probably you’ve worn out your asks.  

2.  The Goblin.   This card reveals the hidden aspects of the situation

         JUDGEMENT…Indicates that soon you’re going to have to make some kind of choice, there’s some important decision to be made….Perhaps you’re having some kind of awakening or you’re in a transition.  At any rate suffice it to say  you are getting close to having to do a little introspection.  That’s actually my main hobby.  Maybe there’s some changes in routines or friends that need to be made as they may be affecting your needs and the needs of those you love.  I wouldn’t make any quick decisions, about anything, that’s for sure.   Think stuff through 

Are you a raging drug addict? Is this reading for me?

3.  Wisdom.  This card is just some good ole advice

        KING OF SWORDS…Yeah this king doesn’t do playtime too often, probably not at all.  He’s too busy being cunning, tactical and intelligent.  When he sees something he wants the King of Swords doesn’t stop until he gets it.  He’s also super logical and always reasonable and just don’t even mess with his wife…  He’s basically an android…no emotions and he just whispered in my ear that you need to leave your emotions out of whatever it is that’s going on, they’re not going to help.

Much love yall and don’t forget that where you direct your energy your energy is busy creating that which you are thinking, believe me it is true. I didn’t realize how true until I realized I have manifested just about every one of my worst fears…Yeah, I gave birth to five kids and I have custody of none, and STOP YOUR JUDGY THINKING…I lost my kids after being not only sober but 3 years but also married yet abstinent going to church twice a week with absolutely no help at all…my three youngest I got back cause he got on meth and as soon as he got clean he came and took them from me again. Needless to say I do experience often the symptoms of CPTSD.  

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