Rando Birthday Tarot….FREE!

I can honestly say that since the beginning of the year most or all of my attention has been focused on retraining my brain and rewiring new neural pathways while also up-regulating dormant or near-dormant genes that are super important. In doing that, I have for all intents and purposes eliminated most of the depression and anxiety that have been clowning on me since I was a little kid.

Here’s the thing…depression has, in the past, always been my muse.

Thus, here’s a random tarot reading for people who born on:

  • May 29
  • June 12
  • March 5
  • November 26

Those birthdays can be in any of the following years but they DO NOT HAVE TO, EITHER…and it’s for the birthdays you can’t just do the year thing I think…but if you did and you liked it please let me know. If I actually hit your whole real birthday I AM BEGGING YOU TO PLEASE TELL ME.

  • 1972
  • 1980
  • 1996
  • 1974
  • 1973

I used my “Labyrinth” Tarot deck and I used a spread from the book called, “You Have No Power Over Me”. According to the accompanying handbook, “this tarot spread is designed to show you how to step into your own power and overcome any obstacle that stands in your way. It provides insight into predicaments and offers advice on how to overcome them.

1. The Castle

This card represents your ultimate goal.

2. The Labyrinth

This card represents the obstacle or predicament standing in the way of your goal.

3. Your Strength

This card reveals your strength in this situation. The trait that you will need to embrace to overcome the obstacle.

4. Getting Through The Labyrinth

This card offers advice on how to overcome the obstacle to reach your goal.

Ok, here we go rando birthday tarot pals!

The Page of Pentacles represents your ultimate goal and evidently I can’t seem do a reading that doesn’t seem like it’s for me, too. The Page of Pentacles IS the tarot card for manifestation, if you ask me…and since you’re reading this. It seems the Universe is about to start raining kittens and orgasms and all manner of great manifestations upon you! You have been working hard for this so CONGRATULATIONS! Sometimes, learning to manifest, which requires the ability to control the mind, is not easy. Persistence is definitely key apparently you have been persistent and I am super happy for you in that!

It seems the Three of Wands, in reverse, represents your obstacle. So this card is saying you’re not seeing the manifestion yet because you are blocking it. It’s super easy to do. Remember, the place you are focusing your attention is the exact same place you are focusing your energy and while you’re remembering that you need to also remember that YOU ARE A CREATOR. You are literally here to create. So, if you are meditating once a day, I’d make it twice and you cannot be remiss to police every thought you begin to think. If you get all the way to the end of a thought before you realize you didn’t realize you let one sneak in, it could potentially wreak havoc. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS!

You want to know what you’re working with to help out with number two up there don’t ya? The Six of Pentacles, in reverse, is the card for the strength you hold in this particular sitch. In the Ryder-Waite deck the card depicts a man being super generous. That it fell upside down, could mean a few things and then we gotta figure out how this card shows your strength.

(4 minutes later)….I thought about it and here is what I intuited: Six of Pentacles reversed does not mean only one thing that has to be interpreted negatively and being that I, personally, have been trying really hard to keep negative anything away from me I ain’t stopping now. So I believe that your strength is that you are kind and charitable. However, I think it could be possible that someone is taking advantage of you and you either do not realize it, at all, or you do and you’re ignoring it. If it’s the latter, I would definitely stop ignoring because if that’s what’s stopping the manifestation from physically happening, man I’d be finding and removing that energy as early as LAST WEEK.

Get on that!

Five of Wands, in reverse, is the card with advice for you. Now, this card in an upright position pretty much means fight, lol. This card is not upright, though, so it’s not as bad as you thought it was gonna be. (And if you really were thinking that, then you are just letting thoughts in that have no business in your head).

Here’s the thing though, you have that reversed Six of Pentacles up there and what if all of this is right and you need to deal with whoever is taking of advantage you? This reversed Five of Wands could be warning you NOT to avoid dealing with this. We know you would rather not deal with any conflict, but this one is a problem.

I also pulled an Oracle Card for you from my favorite deck, the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ deck by Lucy Cavendish. It’s awesome, I love every, every, every card in it! So the card which was pulled is No. 21, “The Right Way”.

Here is what the book says:

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