Dog, The Coolest Palindrome And My DMT Experience

One time 6 years ago, I did DMT. The story is amazing as it concerns the person who gave it to me.  The day began as any other day would, I woke up feeling as shitty as best as I could. That used to be how my life was defined until I learned the mechanics of the mind. Today I wake up and I choose how I feel and if I monitor my thoughts, it is me at the wheel.  As I look back on that day I won’t hesitate to say that I was the potter and I formed that clay.

My eldest daughter the day before told me that she ordered dimethyltryptamine to be brought to our door. I was still shitty but excited about the fact that I had no previous experience with a substance like that. Three years before, I read the DMT textbook which enlightened me so much it excited my outlook.  Then comes Rogan’s podcast telling everyone that shit KICKS ASS. 

The earth’s daily turn seemed to take all day long, I could hardly wait to hear the nightbird begin his song but finally yes finally I heard a bird squawk and the squawk manifested in the sound of a knock. I opened the door to some kid named “Mike Fresh”, who was not very tall and was plain in his dress. He walked in my house with the energy of arrogance, immediately I became annoyed by his very presence. I thought he’d be dropping the gift and then he’d be leaving but no he explained that I’d be receiving the drugs straight from his hand, that wasn’t appealing. He then went on to explain that he was the first person to vape DMT, I thought to myself, “I hope this shit’s good and I leave my body” .  I didn’t  believe a word that boy said, rolling my eyes and shaking my head I looked over at Rufus and he looked at me and that’s when I noticed my dog’s energy.

My huge Standard Poodle who was never afraid, was standing way back and his body conveyed some contradictory information which he never displayed. He was growling real low and looking at Mike but he was also shaking with fear at this kid’s sight. Rufus was always friendly with others, not overly playful but Never had I ever seen Rufus afraid yet it was obviously terror that I surveyed.  So you must understand how the terrain of the land seemed to be changing into something I did not understand.  

Mike, me and Mia went to the den where we could sit down and the experience could begin. Rufus, however, stood at the threshold, two feet in two feet out, he looked cold and it was clearly evident he knew something about Mike and by the way that he stood whatever he knew he sure didn’t like. 

I made Mia go first just so I could observe what happens when this stuff is dispersed. I was not afraid but maybe I was but I read the book and so I knew there was no cause which should give me a pause and I was right because when she inhaled even though she laid down I could feel something amazing was about to be found.

For hours before the arrival of Mike, I was excited as a kid with a new bike. I told everyone around whoever would listen that Jesus was coming over to do some visiting.  Now I know that I believed the things that I said just due to the books and the articles I read.  I knew DMT came from the pineal gland, that pineapple shaped piece of pure heaven wonderland.  The pineal gland is our third eye and I know from experience it can make you fly.

It was my turn; he put the vape to my lip, I waited for the click then I inhaled some pure magick.

I arrived where words become ineffectual because there is nothing intellectual when duality departs it all becomes perceptual thus becomes conjectural but it’s not even like you care because you just love to be there and you want so bad to make this trip perpetual.  

I remember feeling something like free, free to be myself, free of every worry, free of doubt and fear and free to never hurry.  The smile on my face stayed the whole time, I felt like I had never felt;  I felt I am divine.  The first words out my mouth were “NONE OF THIS MATTERS EVERYTHING’S A JOKE I’VE BEEN RIGHT ALONG” the DMT evoked in me a memory so grand, I knew I’d been here before, in this other land.

I laid down and then I put my legs in the air and I did a back roll, I was ecstatic I was happy I but the best is I was whole.  I saw colors I had never seen before, and that was very neat but far more was in store for me to meet and greet.  It was then that I realized that Jesus was in my room; sitting there so peacefully I tried to assume that this person was Mike Fresh, but I knew that he was not, because when this man looked at me, the only feeling that I got was love in it’s most unfettered state, love I knew was real which transcended time and space.

I made my way toward Jesus like the woman with the blood, If only I could but touch his robe, it would clean me of my mud.  I sat on the floor at his feet and was reminded of Martha and Mary.  Martha wouldn’t stop her chores and her sister made her wary.  I knew how Mary felt and why she ignored her sister, she wasn’t being rude; she knew this was no drifter.  Mary and I both saw what Martha couldn’t see, the Universe was in our house and looking straight at me.  

I had never felt in any way what I felt on that day, and I haven’t felt it again.  Not so close and personal, not like the way it felt then.  I had so many questions but I didn’t ask a thing, I just told him I wanted to worship him and that he made my heart sing.  Now if Mike Fresh were really in that body, he would’ve laughed at me so hard  and I wouldn’t be telling this story. 

It lasted 15 minutes and I started floating back to here, the come down was not harsh at all like I had sorely feared. Rufus was still standing at the threshold of the door, he looked a little easier than he had looked before but it was obvious that our house guest made his dog brain sore. That is when I realized why Rufus was so scared, Rufus knew before me about who came and appeared.  When you think of it like that it makes his behavior make sense, Rufus knew there was something in our house something quite immense.

Me and Mia were back to our normal selves, and Mike Fresh unfortunately was, as well.  It’s hilarious but true that once he was Mike again, I couldn’t stand the dude.  We walked him out the house, it was time for Mike to go, but I was so damn thankful that he came and brought his show.  I had so much now to sit and contemplate, Jesus Christ was at my house, these words I did not fabricate.

I woke the next morning, and I went to check the mailbox.  My neighbor must’ve seen me coming and ran out in her socks.  Kesha stopped me because she just had to ask who was at my house last night cause it  caused her dog to blast and bark with all his Yorkie might.  So I guess Samson knew like Rufus did, because they saw the light. 

I miss Ru, his love was unconditional, too.

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