You Have The Power

Just some encouragement as you move through your day

If a negative thought rolls on in do not let it stay

The best thing to do is to drop it from your mind

do something different and soon you will find

new thoughts replacing old

with this practice repetition is gold

It is super crucial to pay attention to how you feel

Whether you feel bad, or whether you feel good

both feelings are your higher self speaking,

this is real

If it don’t feel good then stop that shit

but if it does feel good, no need to quit.

No more blaming anyone else

You are the only one controlling it.

*I know this was corny as shit, bear with me because I am learning how to move about life and do what I do without the cloud of depression accompanying me, which can be quite difficult at times because it’s the only way I have known. This no depression stuff is completely awesome but I’m a baby in it, learning to walk. And there’s the only good thing about depression…the words it causes my hands write…

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