Coming Up For Air (then diving back into it)

I need to write. At least I feel like I think I need to write. I haven’t written in a long time. I think I have mentioned I have IMMERSED myself into the Law of Attraction. One of my favorite things about me is how when I really, really get into something, I go hard and give it all of my percents.

One of the myriad reasons as to why I am going at this hard because I do BELIEVE, that this shit is true. There is no way it is not true. However, you don’t get to do it overnight, it’s not like one day I am normal shitty, poor me, and then I say, “oh I’m doing some affirmations and I am going to ‘meditate'” and then BOOM, mansions and Lamborghinis start falling out of the sky. No way does it work like that.

I have been working toward this goal for at least twenty years. However, I had no idea that is what I was doing. I only know this because now that I’m as old as I am, and this is my favorite part of aging, that I am able to look back at my life and see chapters, if you will, and I can look back now and see how that at some level, my inner being has always been trying to get me to remember who the fuck I AM. I am easily able to prove this point by the main things I have always taught my children. Things like:

  1. It is fair. Everything is absolutely fair. Do not say something isn’t fair because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says IT IS FUCKING FAIR. (They super hate when I say this)
  2. Your imagination is a beautiful thing, please, please, please, don’t let it slip away from you. Don’t be like me and you’re 19 and now when you go to sleep you don’t spend 30 minutes in a daydream, as you fall asleep, visualizing everything you want.
  3. If you say you can’t…then you won’t be able to…..period.
  4. Never start a fucking sentence with I AM and then end that same sentence negatively.
  5. You have the entire world in your hand right now. BELIEVE ME, UNDERSTAND THAT, DO NOT LET IT SLIP OUT OF YOUR HAND.

Those five things I just mentioned I have WHOLE-HEARTEDLY tried to instill in my children for as long as we can remember. So I go back and remember things like this and there is no way that my inner being wasn’t whispering that shit in my ear.

I hope every one of you have an absolutely beautiful day off….HAHAHA…it’s my day off…but I want yours to be beautiful.

Love is always the answer to any question.

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