Preachers: Stop Judging, It’s Unattractive and Repels and Will Embarrass You

I am jealous of all of your beautiful blogs

comparitively speaking mine looks like microwaved frogs

I have never seen microwaved frogs before

and heaven knows I do not want to

so maybe one day I’ll take some time and learn how

In 2010 when I was holier than thou

in less than a few months I learned the whole bible

in the hope that my in-laws would love me and let me tribal

Turned out it only made them hate me more

and at the time I couldn’t understand what the heck for

Here I did the thing they wanted me to do

apparently I got it wrong as their animosity grew

It completely exploded on the day I went to

a party they had at their house after service

The attendees were numerous and it made me feel nervous

A preacher from Missouri was the featured guest

who singled me out from all of the rest

He looked at my son who was two at the time

and had the most beautiful hair which was completely divine

His hair was shoulder length, and the ends thick with curls

To me, his mommy, that hair was like pearls

but the preacher said to me in front of all

my son’s hair should be cut and I was appalled

He then went on to say his hair was a sin

and then he quoted a verse from First Corinthinthians

The verse he used was so out of context that I became mad

and the across the tracks trash made that preacher wish he had

thought more before delivering me that verse because

what he soon found out was that I was much worse

than the trash he thought I was at first….

meaning….I was smart trash and though I didn’t curse

I then finished quoting the rest of his verse

and I asked him as I looked at his spouse

does Ms. Elizabeth keep her head covered while listening to you espouse

your sermons on Sundays?

The house became so quiet that if it jumped, you could hear a louse.

I love you all. Don’t be judgmental dicks.

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