I’ve Decided I Like Living Again

This thing that I’m in is not at all what I thought it has been…I thought I was giving in and saying fuck my life again…and it’s not that I did not say fuck my life about 26 times today and yesterday because I sure did and and maybe a bit more but I didn’t hurl myself all the way onto the floor…I had to stop and introspect because if there is one thing Abraham has taught me it’s that I have to respect the emotions I am feeling because they are my guide…they’re here to tell me if I am about to landslide. My emotions are part of this incredible machine which does constantly hear me when I cry and I scream….and it’s ok to cry, though I don’t do it much, so when I do now I know it’s no crutch…it’s Source telling me I am out of alignment and so begin some assignment to ascertain why I lost my excitement. It took me almost an entire day but I figured out exactly what was in my way and I feel so much greater and I want to apologize for the negative energy I poured on these pages but manifestation does come in stages.

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