Top Of The Cup

My pain is thumping and it’s time for a rhyme. what the vodka is doing to my guts should be a fucking crime. murder in the first is the case that they gave me I want the death penalty i don’t want none to save time in this dimension has been hard and long a pornographic innuendo attached to a song…my wing spots are burning with fiery liquid pain i can feel the blood seep and it’s such a fuckin shame that I didn’t catch on earlier as to what this shit’s about, where I’m really located….right in the pig’s snout.  I’m trying to get out but ive wasted so much time thinking this place is real with all it’s space and time…haha it’s really just a twisted fucked up game, meant to disturb the unthinking and the lame….there are those who know what’s really fucking up and that’s why we tend to fill poison to the top of the cup.

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