Everything Is Coming Up Gold

So if you read my blog then I am sure that you know

I have nose-dived into the deep nowhere near the shallow

end of this community pool called co-creation

and I have zero doubt now I have started a grand vacation

I am in alignment with source much to my elation

and the funniest part is the things that are in formation

are things I put into my vortex many years ago

things I forgot I put there and now I’m like “whoa”

I manifested a music producer two days ago

and I swear this guy’s a rain man when it comes to making beats

because I’ve watched him and he sees them before they appear on the screen

We were just sitting in the studio talking about the weather

and while we were talking he made a beat he threw together

like nothing…..


like nothing….

and that beat went so hard that it caught me off guard

and I was oh my god and he was like, “huh?”

so I asked if I could have it and he said “sure, you can grab it”

because I think he thought the beat he wrought was nothing worth having

But it’s gold …

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