When things happen that hurt I’ll say…I don’t care

and when I say that I immediately become aware

that I really do care and I don’t want to

but I do

Like…why do I care if people don’t like me

I probably don’t like them either but it’s likely

that I will still get butthurt

and still be saying fuck you bite me

not to their faces at least most of the time

unless whatever they did just rang my chime

My chime hasn’t rung in quite a long time

and I’m thankful for that because I’m too old for that fucker to ring

but if it did, Tap is what I’d hear em sing

I’m not bragging but yes I am

and bragging for what? Goddamn…

is my self-esteem still that low



will I always be a mess?

I don’t care

yes I do

Make your damn mind up you weird fucking you

I don’t care

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