Keep Your Energy To Yourself….I mean Unless it’s good and it feels like your voice is tickling my back

So I can feel energy and I can feel it well

it’s both a blessing and a curse from the depths of hell

Most of the time I do not want at all to feel anything save a small

savory whisper cuddled in my ear or sometimes…most times I like to feel vodka and not beer

When I was little, like 3 to 10 years old, I heard the energy in real time as it would unfold

but being that young scared was all I was cause the noise was really loud

something like a buzz or an arena full of people or even white noise

I know when it happened I lost all my poise and would almost piss my pants

and I never told a soul cause why? there was not a chance that anyone would have a clue

about what I was speaking, I already knew they would not find me intriguing

merely because they just wouldn’t understand I mean I didn’t really and I heard it first hand

so now that I’m older I rarely hear that noise and yes I am thankful cause if granted the choice

between the noise or just the feeling, I think I would choose the latter that one’s easier to explain

as long as I don’t jabber…and I stopped doing that a long time ago

if I ever did, yeah no, I don’t even think so….I just kept my mouth shut.

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