What’s Really Going On?

Ok, so there are so many social issues that are happening that need to be talked about and fixed. The two that bother me the most are the left/right political party stupidity and racism. So I’m just gonna list what I do not understand about both.

The Left/Right Dichotomy:

  1. Why don’t the majority of Americans see through that bullshit?
    • both parties partied on Epstein’s island…that’s fact
    • Corporations are so in our faces that it’s unreal to me that people refuse to believe their particular party representative could not or would not take a bribe.
    • Umm….everyone including me and including you has a price PERIOD.
    • Is it that you’ve just invested way too much time and energy defending your party that you can’t step back and see the big picture….like all of it….because, you know, if you do that it won’t take really long to see they all bat for the same team and their team and our team are different teams. Also their team is made up of both of the teams that Americans either love or hate.
    • Does the divisiveness alone bother the hell out of more people than me and a few others?
    • Doesn’t everyone know that this form of government has basically run it’s course as far as history is concerned? We are headed to chaos but we don’t have to be but we will if this shit continues to divide us
    • Why are we letting these people, who are ultimately being paid by the corporations with the help of lobbyists, make laws which are non-sensical to regular joe’s but super-sensical to the lawmakers because passing the law passes lots of money into their offshore accounts.
    • Why do they have off shore accounts? I don’t have one….I wish I did, maybe one day I will but it won’t be stacked with money I made from being bribed…but if it is…hey, I’ll buy us some shit.
  2. Racism
    • You can’t even clearly define the word racism. Try.
    • It’s classism. PERIOD. PERIOD. PERIOD.
    • Why are white people made to feel like we’re horrible monsters? And why is that ok with everyone? I do not know of any relatives who owned slaves, I’m not saying my relatives did not own slaves but if they did they are relatives that have been dead for a couple of centuries and I’ve never even heard of them.
    • As far as the slavery goes, THAT IS WHAT HUMANS LOVE TO DO, ENSLAVE OTHER HUMANS. Slavery has been happening through the annals of time. All races have been enslaved at one point or another. It’s humanity at it’s worst but it IS humanity’s THANG.
    • Why has racism flip-flopped like it’s right and it’s ok to be racist to white people just because some are racists. Cause everyone knows as well as I do, EVERY RACE HAS IT’S HUGE SHARE OF RACISTS. Northern Asians, for example, are completely racist against their darker skinned southeast asian brothers and sisters. I just learned this recently, but dark skinned black folks are racist to light skinned black folks….and I know this is fact and the lighter skinned black people as well as mixed people get hated on perpetually. Mixed people have the worst because the black won’t let them identify as black and the white people won’t let them identify as white. THAT’S JUST MEAN…NOT LETTING SOMEONE BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY and isn’t that the whole scope of the gender, binary, whole lbgtq that they’re allowed to identify as whatever they want? MAKE ALL OF THIS MAKE SENSE TO ME NOT SEPARATELY BUT ALL OF IT TOGETHER.
    • What’s the big deal with Mexicans? Why can’t they come over here, again? What are they doing that’s so horrible that we must keep them out? Do you REALLY believe that them coming here is going to cost you money? If you were them, wouldn’t you want your family to have the best they could have? And I’m sorry but if you’re a poor person (I’m one of those) sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do so your children grow into the people you always dream they’re going to grow. Do you have any idea how hard a decision it was for those families to leave everything they know and come here and then now that they’re here, being put into camps and families being ripped apart? LIKE WHO IN THE FUCK IS OK WITH THAT?

Disagree with me, agree with me, hate me, set me on fire….I mean like humanity has lost it’s fucking mind. Those are my real true thoughts and I don’t care what you think about them because they’re all very logical thoughts, in my opinion.

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