The Unpardonable Sin

So I manifested a man I created long ago but unless you’re aligned ain’t nothing gonna show…so basically he’s been in my vortex for at least ten years and he fell out last week and so the week has been weird. I keep to myself my friends include one and I don’t mind that a bit cause I feel like I won. I’m my own best friend and chill to hang out everything I think of and want to talk about is cool with her too cause she’s me and so…. I guess I become two? But def not schizophrenically…I think.

Anyway back to the top….this guy who fell out of the sky…was totally perfect until tonight. He committed the unpardonable sin and that was to not understand me when a good mood sets in….He literally just asked me if I had anxiety and I’m like no I don’t have that anymore but it’s too late now…he’s got to be thrust out the door.

He also told me he loved me way too fucking quick. So….I’m not a total bitch there was that.


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