Platonic Mainframe

I realized just recently when I should have guessed before

that my gps has no signal when it comes to dating

relationships inevitably become a monster I abhor

and that is super- logical since I’m the one creating

TodayI learned something new called a belief ceiling

Apparently I have many I created with my feeling

The suck part is is that’s hard figuring out where they are

It’s like I’m in a mechanics shop looking at the motor of a car

I know the oil goes here and I now some water goes there

but if I get those two mixed up at all the car will go no where

And just like my subconscious mind I can’t talk to a car

I can’t talk the engine into turning over; it’s never worked thus far

Now let’s change the analogy here for a bit

because cars are one thing about which I don’t know shit

In fact, let’s just call it was it is, this our human brain

a super fast computer with a subconscious main frame

The mainframe is password locked and god is so ironic

that the code is probably just a word, probably the word platonic

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