I Jumped Into The Vortex

It happened.

I jumped into the vortex

I jumped without trying

without making it complex

and the thing happened in front of a witness

Like one second I am talking and next second I am flying

It would have been embarrassing if duality were involved

but the second I jumped was the second I evolved

I didn’t jump into the vortex and land with duality

I jumped into the vortex and the vortex became my reality

and all I knew was that I didn’t want to move

the duality was really gone there were none to disaprove

My roommate got uncomfortable and he left the room

but that didn’t phase me I just wanted to feel and consume

and smell the sweet perfume I was not in but then I was

and I know it happened and I know this because

I’m sorry, the weed just wasn’t THAT good.

Not jumping dimensions good nope.

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