Jeffrey Dahmer was boring like Bundy….jeez…neither one of them made a nipple belt

“As I have said before, Twitter is a wide open door

for racists to be racist out loud and unfortunately proud

however if you are white the only thing for you which is allowed

is to say the dumbest ass shit like…”black people can’t be racist”

that’s like saying Les Claypool can’t be a bassist..

And if you are judging me the same as one in a white hood

then it’s people like you who are teaching nothing good

What should be taught, IMHO, is this and just this:

If I can’t say it you can’t either so please just resist

the urge to vomit out shit like your racist thoughts

on white people and the Dahmer show on Netflix” – Ed Geingsta

My 14-year old’s conversation…..seriously like this kid, not my kid, seriously, really fucking thinks that you can’t be racist to a white person, and um…THE FUCK YOU CAN’T


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