Everything Is Always Working Out For Me

Yeah, so I’m way too far into rewiring my brain to let the trash that’s obviously still in my mind from taking me over and swallowing me into it’s own vortex. NO FUCKING WAY. I am so thankful that I manifested the situation wherein I can go to sleep when I feel that shit coming. The shit comes at me differently now, than it used to come. It’s got to come in disguise but here’s the thing, it cannot disguise the horrible feeling that starts in my stomach and then starts radiating to all of the rest of me. So what I am trying to say is that now since I’ve been practicing always being in the present and practicing monitoring EVERY THOUGHT I THINK BECAUSE I DO, the worst it can do now is just make me feel physically bad. I have never been a person who whines about physical ailments. For example, I broke my collar bone twice in the same year and neither time I went to the hospital. I have cured myself of diseases I was told I had by more than one doctor….and I did that 20 years ago before I knew about Abraham-Hicks or Joe Dispenza. In fact, I COINED THE TERM “REWIRING MY BRAIN” fifteen years ago. Believe me or not igaf.

Everthing is ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME. Everything is ALWAYS working out for me. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS working out for ME.

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