NO, You Won’t Be Fed

I went to sleep on Monday night and now it is Saturday

Most would call that lazy but I would call it making a way

To disallow my conscious mind from rolling around learning the lines from that nasty play

Obviously the reason that I took my ass to sleep that day

was my mind started talking shit and that shit ain’t gonna seep and run

and pool all over the floors and walls and doors of my fucking brain

letting my subconscious become a mop and soak it up… fuck no that’s insane

So I keep a script of seroquil for days just like that

days I can’t control the rain when it’s coming down like that

Telling me all kinds of stupid shit like “you’re worthless, give it up”

“You’re old and you’re ugly, suck it up and die and btw you crack me up”.

Nope, conscious mind, I’m glad I made you laugh; I’ll go take a nap

but you don’t get to drink that poison when I go to bed

I will put your ass to sleep, too, and no you won’t be fed.

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