Hot Air

Oh you should see the house I just bought

It is so very beautiful on it’s 12-acre lot

There must be at least five million bricks

creating it’s structure; the law of attraction is a mix of tricks!

The master suite is also too sweet

I have a closet reserved only for shoes and things for my feet

Another closet is there which holds all of my pants and tops

All kinds of sexy blouses in colors that pop

Inside my house I have a very special room

decorated with sigils and candles and things to inspire a mood

That is the room where I love to meditate

I can sit in there for hours in a trance-like state

To the right and down the hall is my third favorite room of all

It is my kitchen and it is so freaking grand

that sometimes I go in there not to cook but just stand

I have four guest bedrooms and five rooms for bath

I have a sewing room and a study room for math

The living room is gorge but I am never there

because that is the location of the tv which does nothing but blare

Out the back door and a bit down the way

you’ll see the steep hill that carries the water from my pool somewhere else to play

and then bring it back again but I don’t know when

cause I don’t know nor do I care

how infinity pools work so if I tried to explain I’d be only hot air

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